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Ceiling mounted ducted heat pumps

Ceiling or floor mounted ducted heat pump vents

A ducted heat pump system is commonly achieved by installing ceiling vents as this delivers the excellent temperature and environment control you want without taking up the wall space of a traditional heat pump. This is important for home owners who want the health, convenience and cost-efficiency benefits of a heat pump, but without the visual distraction. An alternative is to choose unobtrusive floor vents if there is sufficient space under your house.

Ducted heat pumps for a healthy home

In addition to controlling the temperature, a ducted system filters out dust spores that enter your home. The home will also benefit from an environment where damp is controlled, even during wet winters when windows and doors are generally closed. Reducing moisture in the air reduces mould, which can aggravate allergies. The ducted system can also be used to ensure the healthful benefits of the solution are gained throughout the home, including the bedrooms for a restful and uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Ducted heat pumps for a healthy home
Ducted heat pumps Tauranga

Choosing the right ducted heat pump solution for your home

Making sure the design and specification of the ducted heat pump solution is right for your home is vital if your entire family are to gain the benefits of your investment. It’s therefore important that one of our experts draws up a plan for the system to be installed in your home. The location of the vents, the capacity of the heat pump and the size and number of the rooms all need to be considered. We have the knowledge to help and can draw on the experience of many installations to ensure you get a great result.

Ducted heat pump servicing

The ducted heat pump system works by blowing air through the rooms, this air is brought in from outside and making sure the intake ducts are free of debris is an important maintenance job. All filters need to be cleaned regularly, as a blocked filter makes the pump work harder, which will reduce its lifespan and its efficiency. It’s also important to make sure that the heat pump supplying air to your ducted system is thoroughly cleaned to prevent mould and bacteria growing. Our skilled technicians are trusted by the world’s leading brands to keep their solutions working perfectly; choose us for scheduled maintenance or repair.

Ducted heat pump maintenance