Hot water heat pump Tauranga
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Slash water heating bills by 50 -75%!

Worry-free hot water in any weather with no booster required – that’s the technology to deliver proven savings. This system heats water even in the rain and has been proven to deliver hot water right down to ambient temperatures as low as minus 10˚C!  This is the low energy consumption and environmentally friendly way to heat water in your home.

How Hot Water Heat Pumps work

  • The Sun heats the air around us even when we can’t see it.
  • This air is drawn into the heat pump and passes over the evaporator containing a refrigerant which boils at a very low temperature. This refrigerant is compressed, raising the temperature of the gas
  • The hot gas passes through copper tubes wrapped around the outside of the water tank, this heats the water.
  • Once the heat has been extracted from the air it is discharged via a fan.
How Hot Water Heat Pumps work
Hot water heat pump benefits

Hot Water Heat Pump benefits

  High hot water recovery rate. You won’t run out of hot water!

  No booster elements required.

  Low energy consumption and environmentally friendly.

  Easy Installation – No Solar Roof Panels!

  Low Noise Rating, about the same as an air conditioning unit

There’s a Hot Water Heat Pump for your application

The extensive range of hot water heat pumps can service virtually every situation: single bedroom/bathroom residences, multi-level offices and hotels, motels, resorts, sporting and recreational facilities, and retail outlets.