Hot Water Heating

Hot water heat pumps are often confused with solar hot water, and in some ways this confusion is justified. Solar hot water heaters rely on incidental sunshine to affect the heating while hot water heat pumps take heat from the ambient air and use this energy source to heat the water.

No need for direct sunshine

The Quantum heat pump does not need direct sunshine to operate nor does it need large roof panels; in fact for most applications the units look like traditional hot water heaters.

They produce hot water in all climates, but with efficiencies such that traditional hot water heating bills can be slashed by 50-75%.

Over 30 years of on-going product development provides “worry free” operation, using our proven technology…..

Technicool are an authorised service/repair agent for Quantum heat pumps in the Bay of Plenty area.

How does it work?

1. Sun heats air

hot water heat pumpHot water heat pumps rely on ambient air temperature rather than incidental sunshine. Utilising refrigeration principles, the heat pump can operate without direct sunlight, and can produce hot water in rain, hail or shine, Without the need for a booster element!

2. Energised air is inducted into the heat pump

Once The air has been drawn into the heat pump, this passes over the evaporator containing a refrigerant which boils at a very low temperature (R134). This refrigerant is then compressed which causes the gas’ temperature to be raised.

3. Energy is transferred to heat cold water

Using Quantum’s patented tank wrap technology this hot gas is guided through copper tubes (condenser) wrapped around the outside of the water tank. Heat from the condenser is then transferred to the water inside the tank. The condenser does not come in direct contact with the water at anytime, thus preventing cross contamination and alleviating any potential for corrosion or calcium build up.

4. Cold air is expelled

As the heat has been extracted from the air and transferred to the water; the cold air is finally discharged from the heat pump via a fan.

Why choose a hot water heat pump?

  • Highest hot water recovery rate in the heat pump market. You won’t run out of hot water!
  • Excellent for use in poor water conditions – the water does not make contact with any operational components, only the inner lining of the tank.
  • No booster elements! The hot water heat pumps can operate in ambient temperatures from a low of – 10ºc! They have a lower energy consumption and are environmentally friendly.
  • Over 30 years of ongoing product development – Patented Technology – Quantum are continuously improving the efficiency of their products.
  • Easy Installations – No Solar Roof Panels!
  • Saves Money – Cuts up to 75% of running costs compared to Electric & LPG Gas units.
  • Low Noise Rating – Only 48DB! This is the quietest compact Hot Water Heat Pump on the Australian Market!

The extensive range of hot water heat pumps can service single bedroom/bathroom residences, right through to multi level offices and hotels, motels, resorts, sporting and recreational facilities, retails outlets, and everything in between.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the system work during bad weather?

Yes. The Hot Water Heat Pump has been designed to work all year round without a booster element, down to as low as -10ºC.

What is the warranty on the Heat Pump unit?

There is a 5-year warranty on the water tank and integral condenser, and a 2-year warranty covers the electrical & refrigeration components.

What is the tank made of?

The tank is mild steel with a vitreous enamel lining.

Does the system freeze up or overheat?

No, due to the de-icing and liquid injection cycles.

Are replacement parts available?

Yes. All parts are readily available in New Zealand.

Where is the unit made?

The Quantum Heat Pump was designed and further developed for over 30 years in Australia and is now manufactured in Suzhou, China.

Can the hot water tank go outside?

Yes. The unit has been designed to operate outside. The outer casing of the tank is zincalume based and Colorbond coated.

Can the Compact model be installed inside?

Yes, provided the area has a minimum of 120 cubic metres of volume (similar to a double garage).

Is the unit noisy?

The noise level is only 48db which is similar to a normal conversation, and is far less than that of a standard air conditioner.

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