CO2 Refrigeration Systems for Environmental Benefits

CO2 Refrigeration Systems

For Environmental Benefits

Installed in Te Puke Cool Stores

Technicool Refrigeration has recently completed the construction of two new cool stores for Plant and Food Research in Te Puke. What sets these cool stores apart is their utilization of CO2 refrigeration systems, which offer significant environmental benefits compared to traditional refrigerants. This forward-thinking approach not only ensures efficient and reliable cold storage but also highlights the commitment of both Technicool Refrigeration and Plant and Food Research to sustainability.

The decision to equip the new cool stores with CO2 refrigeration systems stems from the growing recognition of the environmental impact of traditional refrigerants such as hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). HFCs are known contributors to global warming and ozone depletion. In contrast, CO2 (carbon dioxide) is a natural refrigerant that boasts excellent thermodynamic properties while having a minimal impact on the environment. By opting for CO2 systems, Technicool Refrigeration and Plant and Food Research are leading the charge toward greener refrigeration solutions.

CO2 refrigeration systems have proven to be highly efficient and reliable, making them an ideal choice for commercial applications.  These systems operate at higher pressures, allowing for better heat transfer and enhanced cooling capacity.  The design and installation expertise of Technicool Refrigeration ensures that the new cool stores in Te Puke deliver optimal performance while maintaining strict temperature control for the stored goods.  With advanced control systems and precise temperature management, these cool stores provide an ideal environment for preserving the quality and freshness of perishable items.

CO2 Refrigeration Systems for Environmental Benefits

Technicool Refrigeration’s decision to employ CO2 refrigeration systems aligns with their dedication to sustainable practices. By using natural refrigerants, the company reduces its carbon footprint and helps mitigate climate change. Furthermore, by embracing these environmentally friendly technologies, Technicool sets an example for other refrigeration companies, encouraging them to adopt greener alternatives and reduce the industry’s overall environmental impact.

The collaboration between Technicool Refrigeration and Plant and Food Research demonstrates the power of partnerships in achieving sustainability goals. Plant and Food Research, a renowned organization focused on agricultural research and innovation, recognizes the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions across all sectors. By working closely together they have implemented cutting-edge refrigeration technology that supports their commitment to sustainable operations.