Our Team

The Technicool team consists of our Director, a Manager, 7 experienced Refrigeration & Air Conditioning engineers, 2 apprentices and 3 office staff.

Lindsay Michell

Director / Owner

Lindsay has worked locally in the refrigeration and air conditioning business for 32 years. He started Technicool as a small business operating from his garage at home some 20 years ago. Lindsay is experienced in designing and building cool rooms, extending and modifying existing cool rooms and providing large refrigeration solutions. Lindsay focuses on growing and driving the business and setting the business objectives for the year. He is IQP registered and a member of CCCA.


Anthony Brown


Anthony joined Technicool in 2015 as our Manager. He has worked locally in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry on and off for the last 22 years. He has experience in the design, installation and maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning systems ranging from domestic air conditioning heatpumps, through to commercial refrigeration and air conditioning in supermarkets, kiwifruit coolstores, wineries, manufacturing plants and office buildings. Anthony is IQP registered.

Troy Ward

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineer

Troy started with Technicool in 2010 and completed his apprenticeship in 2014.  Troy has been exposed to a range of refrigeration and Air Conditioning and has experience in installing refrigeration equipment at new build cool stores.

Reuben Tarran

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineer

Reuben joined Technicool in 2014. He started his apprenticeship in 2001 on shipping containers and progressed through all aspects of refrigeration; supermarkets, cool stores and large system air conditioning on both commercial and industrial sites. He returned from Queensland working on supermarket systems and on remote mine sites in W.A.

Andrew Spencer

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineer

Spencer joined the team in 2015. He started his career working as a fabricator/engineer building specialised refrigeration cabinets and cases for supermarkets and Coke. He then travelled around Australia for 4 years working as a specialised stainless steel fabricator. Spencer returned to NZ and took on a refrigeration and A/C apprenticeship with a commercial company working with supermarkets, bars and restaurants. He finished his apprenticeship with another company specialising in A/C installs, service and maintenance and fresh air extract systems, underfloor heating and electrical controls.

Brian Gill

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineer

Brian joined Technicool in 2014. He did his apprenticeship in Australia and worked in supermarket refrigeration for 12 years before returning home to New Zealand.

Rhys Comer

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineer

Josh Blair

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineer

Thomas Luxton

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Apprentice - 3rd Year

Thomas joined us at the end of 2015.

Simon Casson

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Apprentice -1st Year

Simon is our newest member of the team having joined us at the end of 2016. Prior to working at Technicool, Simon was a store man for a local company assembling beer systems.

Jenny Michell


Having previously worked in banking and insurance, Jenny has been involved in the management of Technicool since its inception in 1997. Her focus is on planning and developing strategies to achieve the objectives of the business.


Kelly Bonner

Office Manager – Part time

Originally from the UK, Kelly has been with the company for 10 years. She focuses on H&S and project work arising from Business objectives. Kelly was a HR and Recruitment manager for over 10 years in the UK and brings these management skills to the role.


Lynne King

Office Administrator – Part time

Lynne has been with Technicool for 9 years. She focuses on the financial/accounts, stock and job management parts of the business. Prior to working with Technicool Lynne worked for an accountant and had owned a successful photo business with her husband for over 32 years.

Keri Jury

Office Administrator

Keri joined Technicool in January 2018. She has spent the last 10 years in the childcare industry focusing on analysing fee structures, systems/procedures and overseeing admin requirements for all acquisitions, new builds and rebrands.