Our Team

The Technicool team consists of our 2 Directors, a Business Manager, a Technical Manager, a Commercial Manager, 4 experienced Refrigeration & Air Conditioning engineers, 3 apprentice and 1 office staff.

Gavin Brown

Business Manager

Gavin brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Originally from Christchurch, Gavin moved to the sunny Bay of Plenty 10 years ago.  He has previously worked at Technicool ‘on the tools’ but left to further his career on the management side of business, always intending on returning to share his knowledge with the team at Technicool.   Gavin will use his strengths as a manager to promote quality service from our employees.  He enjoys the camaraderie among staff and clientele and is a fantastic facilitator between the two.  His understanding of the Refrigeration / Air Conditioning industry is a benefit to our company as a whole.  His ability to train our employees and to educate our customers, is priceless.


Reuben Tarran

Technical Manager

Reuben joined Technicool in 2014. He started his apprenticeship in 2001 on shipping containers and progressed through all aspects of refrigeration; supermarkets, cool stores and large system air conditioning on both commercial and industrial sites. He returned from Queensland working on supermarket systems and on remote mine sites in W.A.

Mike Snare

Supervisor - Senior Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineer

Originally from South Africa, Mike joined Technicool in 2018. Mike brings over 20 years experience of Air-conditioning & Refrigeration skills to our company.  Mike is an extremely knowledgeable Refrigeration specialist and his training of the younger members of our team is invaluable.  He always strives for excellence.

Brian Gill

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineer

Brian joined Technicool in 2014. He did his apprenticeship in Australia and worked in supermarket refrigeration for 12 years before returning home to New Zealand.  Brian has a wealth of refrigeration knowledge and is a valued member of the staff.

Leon Hamann

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineer

Originally from South Africa, Leon joined Technicool in 2019. Leon brings over 30 years experience of Air-conditioning & Refrigeration skills to our company.  Leon strengths are in the area of Air Conditioning, but is extremely knowledgeable with refrigeration too.  He is a great team leader and he prides himself on his customer service.

Simon Casson

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Apprentice -3rd Year

Simon joined us at the end of 2016. Prior to working at Technicool, Simon was a store man for a local company assembling beer systems.

Jason Mc Cormack

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Apprentice -3rd Year

Jason joined Technicool in January 2020.  He has nearly completed his apprenticeship.  He is a great asset to Technicool and he is keen to further advance his skills after coming out of his apprenticeship with the guidance of great leadership from the senior members of our team.

Alex O'Dwyer

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Apprentice - 1st Year

Alex joined Technicool in early 2020.  He is in his first year of his apprenticeship and is already proving a hard working and a meticulous employee.  He is keen to learn and has started his 1st year studies.  Alex has a passion for surfing and enjoys getting out on the waves whenever possible.  He is a great member of the Technicool family.

Robyn Taylor

Commercial Manager

Originally from Wellington, Robyn started her career in Administration in Government. After 10 years, Robyn left work to start her family. Relocating to Tauranga for her husband’s job. Robyn returned to full time employment in Administration with a local Accountancy firm 3 years ago, and joined Technicool Refrigeration to further her career.