Why deal with a Climate Control Companies Association member?

Because you are dealing with a company governed by the CCCA rules to ensure the highest workmanship, standards and professionalism.

We’ve been member of the CCCA since 2008. By being a member we are committed to:

  • Association aims and objectives
  • Maintaining high ethical standards
  • Quality service to clients
  • Professionalism in service delivery
  • Acting responsibly for the client

Belief and Confidence

CCCA Engineers have total belief and confidence in the products and services they supply – and are prepared to undergo the scrutiny of their fellow professionals should the occasion arise.

CCCA professionals promote a responsibility towards their customers that goes far beyond commercial considerations.

CCCA members are joined in a common purpose towards the respectability of their trade, guarantees and warranties to back quality products and workmanship.

The Climate Control Companies Association

CCCA is involved in the setting of industry standards; ensuring apprentices are trained to the highest standards’ and continue to provide on-going training.

A key featurte to CCCA philosophy is the reinforcing of the professionalism of its members.
CCCA has the capability to act or appoint arbitrators in areas of dispute relating to technical practice.
CCCA has a comprehensive Code of Conduct and Code of Practice, to which members must adhere, for your protection.